Local Neighborhood Scene

Nikon D700, 1/80 sec at F/16, 102 mm, ISO 200, Circular Polarizer
Nikon D700, 2 sec at F/5.6, 65mm, ISO 800, Circular Polarizer

I went for a walk this past Thursday to take photograph of some local scenes. I live in Harlem, NY and I ended up walking south on the Hudson River Park/Greenway Park. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to photograph so I just decided to walk south and as I was walking I turned around and I saw this view of George Washington Bridge. I wasn’t sure if the photo was going to work out since it was the middle of the day, very sunny and very bright. To get the color of the sky I used circular polarizer and I underexposed by 1 to 2 stops. I got some dramatic sky and you can see some traffic on the bridge.

It was getting too hot walking by the river since there was no shade, so I decided to walk across and head to Central Park. I entered the park on 93rd street and headed north. I was not familiar with north west area of the park so I just went to different paths and see if there was anything interesting to photograph. I fallowed group of kids and I found this little water falls. It was not the greatest light and the water was a little murky. I usually have my tripod with me but on this instance I didn’t have it. So both photos were handheld. For the water falls it was a little difficult because I had a longer exposure, even though I had VR lens I still had to hold the camera very still to avoid any shake.

I took several shots and I was still getting some shake and blur. With the water falls photo I decided to use the live view feature to lessen the shake from the mirror movement. From the group of pictures I took this was the best one I think. I decided to convert it to black and white since the color wasn’t really interesting and to also cover some of the blur and shake still on the photo. Thanks for visiting. Please leave comments and questions.

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