Gerard (Gerry) Vizcarra was born in Manila, Philippines.  He immigrated to San Francisco in the mid to late 80’s with his family. After the big earthquake in California, Gerry’s parents decided to move to the east coast and settled in New Jersey.  Gerry finished high school there and attended Rutgers University, graduating with a degree in Biology. Gerry has been in the flavor industry for six years.  His is passionate about his career and loves the art of making flavors, the subtleties between fruits and the varieties of flavor ingredients.  Gerry’s other passion is digital photography.  Photographs capture the warmth and softness, or the coolness and roughness of a moment.  His photographs are inspiring landscape work.  He found his inspiration from his travels along the east coast and throughout the US.

Gerry is a self-taught, resourceful, creative, and innovative photographer. His photography has renewed his love affair with nature.  This has taken him on many hikes in the woods and mountains, strolls on the beach, many walks in the city and road trips to far away places and will continue to inspire him to take him to places he can only dream of now.  Photography has given Gerry a greater love of nature, cityscapes and of people.  Gerry’s aspiration is to convey the emotion of the moment through his photography.

So stay tuned to Gerry’s photographic adventure……