Meatopia @ Governor’s Island

D700, 1/640 sec at F/11, 24-120mm, ISO 200, Circular Polarizer and Singh-Ray 3 Stop Graduated Neutral Density

This was a hot and steamy day but we got free tickets for Meatopia at Governor’s Island. We got off the ferry around 2pm and it was bright, sunny and hot. It was my first time at Governor’s Island and I was hoping to get some good photographs. Meatopia was fun and delicious, there were some interesting meat choices and good bear selections.

As the afternoon went it started to get cloudy and dark at the Island. I was hoping to walk around the island and discover some good scenes and maybe a good view of Statue of Liberty. But as we leave Meatopia and started to walk around the island it started to sprinkle and then a steady rain developed. We decided to catch the ferry back to Manhattan and come back another day. As we were waiting for the ferry the sky just got even darker and it just poured, I was soaking wet.

By the time we got off the ferry near Battery Park it stopped raining and the sky started to open up. We decided to go to a local bar right on the park. As we were drinking and celebrating with the group of Spaniards for winning the World Cup, I turned around and saw this view. I hurried and setup my equipment and took this photo.

I consider myself lucky with this photograph cause I was at the right time and at the right place to take this photo. But this scene didn’t last very long, it may have lasted for 10 minutes. I’m a big proponent of knowing my equipment, including all the setting and features of the camera that pertains to my kind of photogaphy, so that when opportunities like this one present itself I can concentrate on the composition, my position and just photograph. I try not to fiddle with my camera and experiment with the settings while I’m shooting because I’ll end up spending most of the time figuring out my equipment and miss this great opportunity.

Thanks and please as always leave questions or comments and photo critique. I’m always interested in learning.

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