Nikon D80, 1/1000Sec, f/1.8, ISO 800, 50 MM

I’m taking a break from Acadia National Park photographs and I’m going back several months for this photo. We were around Sleepy Hollow during Halloween last year and decided to walk around the famous Sleepy Hollow cemetery. It was a beautiful cemetery, the trails in and around the cemetery was just visually amazing. The color of the trees were still changing and the elaborate mausoleums were just fantastic. The few notable people that we saw at cemetery ranged from Walter Chrysler, commissioned the Chrysler Building and founded the Chrysler Corporation, to Leona Helmsley, who bequeathed $12 million to her dog. The Helmsley mausoleum was specially memorable because it had a stained-glass panorama of the Manhattan skyline. I had a great time photographing the cemetery, with this photo I love the different color of the trees, the dried leaves on the ground, the S shape curve of the road and the row of headstones on the right side of the picture. I specially like this picture because if you don’t look hard enough you can’t tell that it’s a cemetery. Well I hope you like it as much as I do. Please leave comments and questions. Have a great week.

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