Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Nikon D80, 1/2 sec at f/11, 56mm, ISO 200

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

This was our 4th day at Mount Desert Island and we had moved on to a motel from camping. What a relief! LOL. Bass Harbor Lighthouse was a little difficult to shot because first you have to find a good position among huge uneven boulders, second I had to carry all my equipment to the location and third it was dawn therefore it was getting dark. There was a short trail leading to this area but to get this shot I had to move closer to the water on to huge rocks. I was looking forward to shooting this lighthouse cause it’s the only lighthouse on the island and it’s also my first time photographing a working lighthouse. I had fun shooting this photo and I hope you guys like it. Happy viewing! As always please leave comments/questions.

4 thoughts on “Bass Harbor Lighthouse

  1. 1) It’s not sharp, in fact it’s blurry. Why 1/2 sec?
    2) You should straighten up the lighthouse in some software.
    3) You have much better shots here, this one unnecessarily decreases overall impression from your blog

  2. First of all thanks for your comment and question. I was going for a more ethereal look. I was more interested in the colors of the sky. I used 1/2 a sec because it was getting dark, I wanted to capture some movement and I was using Reverse ND grad filter (that may also affected the focus/sharpness of the photo). I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind. Again thanks for your comment and questions. Please keep visiting my blog and I appreciate your comment.

  3. Nice photo! I like the different visual elements, did you alter any of the colors?

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