Lensbaby Urban Photo Safari

Nikon D80, 50mm, 1/200 sec at F2.8 ISO 100

I went to a great workshop/Photo Safari at my favorite store B&H this past week. The topic was Lensbaby. I have heard of this lens before but never had a chance to photograph with it. This particular workshop was special cause we got to borrow a Lensbaby and take it for a Photo Safari in Central Park for a couple of hours. Lensbaby was practically a 50mm lens. There were three kinds of Lensbaby and I got to try the Composer which had a ball and socket configuration that delivers selective focus. The lens can be moved around and select a focus area within the frame. Available in manual focus only so it took me awhile to get used to the lens and on top of that I have a older nikon model so it only worked in Manual mode. But it’s a good creative and artistic lens to have specially if you want to reinvigorate your photography. It inspired me to photograph more after the workshop. So this photograph I chose to post process it in black and white cause I thought it gave it more impact than the original colored picture. The focused area on this picture was right in the middle, just above the man. I like the effect that it has, it felt like everything around the focused area were being drawn towards it. I have not decided if I want to purchase this lens and how useful it will be with my photography but I had a lot of fun photographing with it and walking around Central Park. Please leave comments and questions.

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