D80, 50mm, 1/800 sec at f/2.8, ISO 100

Here’s another photo from the B&H Lensbaby Urban Photo Safari workshop. The instructor gave us a list to photograph in Central Park and this is one of them. We have seen many photographs of Bethesda fountain and I wanted to create a different view or perspective. I have seen similar photograph of the fountain but not with the same effect as with the Lensbaby. I knew I wanted to photograph the fountain but I wanted a different view or angle. I was happily surprised to see the cellist playing and I knew I wanted to incorporate him in the picture. I took several shot of him but I wanted the angel and the fountain to be part of photograph. So I came up with this photograph of the fountain and a silhouette of the cellist. I was hoping to just photograph the fountain and the cellist but it was summer and in the middle of the afternoon in NYC, but I think the picture still worked out. Let me know if you have any comment and/or questions.

2 thoughts on “Angel

  1. Quite fascinating pics and narration. I am from India, an amateur photographer holding Nikon D5000, looking forward to hone my skills in Photography. Your advise please.

  2. Hi Chandra,
    Thank you so much. You have a very capable camera, I myself shoot with Nikon camera. My first suggestion is to know your equipment inside out and shoot, shoot, shoot. The more you photography the more you get to know your camera and when the moment comes, you know your camera so well that all your attention is on the scene and your composition. I hope that helps. Please keep visiting and leave comments and critique on any of the photograph. I’m always looking to improve my technique and my art.

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