Top: D80, 18-105mm, 2 sec @ f/16, ISO 100 Bottom: D80, 18-105mm, 6 sec @ f/32, ISO 100 Right: D80, 18-105mm, 1 sec @ f/25, ISO 10

I am going way back for this weeks post, this photos were taken early spring this year. Bushkill Falls located in northeastern Pennsylvania around the Pocono mountain, very close to the Delaware Water Gap, was a great find. I have been here several years ago but didn’t get a chance to photograph it, however I made sure this time that I had my equipment with me.

I was hoping to get there earlier that day but hit traffic on the way. It turned out to be a blessing since the park does not open till 9 am. It was a beautiful spring day. It was still early in the spring season, park still empty in the early morning hours, lush greenery, some flowers were in bloom, almost a perfect day to photograph. I love this falls because of those wooden walk ways built around the falls, it feels like your part of the environment and very close to mother nature. It’s also a wonderful hike around the falls and to the top of the mountain.

I said almost a perfect day to photograph because at some point during the hike the sun was just too bright to photograph specially the different parts of the falls. I had lots of shot that my highlights were blown out, lots of “blinkies.” As you can see on my camera settings my aperture were in the high end to get that “flowy” look on the water movement. I didn’t have any ND filters handy which would work great in this kind of situation. However, I think the photos still worked out great. The lesson I learned here was to work with what I’ve got and create the best photo I can with the situation I’m presented with. Enjoy the photos and see you next week. Please leave comments, suggestions, questions or email me. Thanks for visiting.

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