Left: Nikon D700, 55mm, 1.3 sec @ f/16, ISO 2500 Right: Nikon D700, 55mm, 25 sec at f/16, ISO 200

Last weekend was the 9/11 9th year anniversary and I thought that it was appropriate to share some photos I took that weekend. I was spending some time downtown around Soho that weekend and I kind of knew in the back of my head that it’s 9/11 anniversary. I knew that I didn’t want to go to ground zero cause there would be a lot of people and I wanted to take a photograph of the lights, therefore I kind of stayed where I was (Soho) and just moved east to west.

The photograph on the left was taken the Friday (9/10) which was Fashion Night Out. It was crazy. There were tons of people in Soho, very glamorous night and we spotted Spike Lee at the Apple Store in Soho. People were waring their best outfits, lot’s of camera crews in the big designer stores and of course long lines to get in. On the way back to our friends apartment we were walking on Houston St and I saw this view, I immediately knew that I wanted to take the shot. It was one of those moments that I wanted or needed to capture. It was a cloudy night and kind of hazy so the light from ground zero didn’t really rich that high in the sky. I knew I wanted to include the sky where the light scattered off. As you can see the ISO was up there, I was hand holding this shot. One of those nights that you wished you listened to your instincts and brought your tripod. But I think the photo still works, I like how the rows of building on each side leads your eyes into the two bright lights on the center of the photo. I really love the light that night.

The second shot was taken on Pier 40 by the Hudson River the following night. We went to 9/11 Remembrance WTC Memorial Floating Lanterns Ceremony on Pier 40 by West Houston Street. It was beautiful night, the sky was clear and you can see all the lights from the buildings all around you. This time around I made sure that I have my tripod with me. This photo was taken after the crowd subsided from the floating lantern ceremony. I needed some space and time to take this picture. As you can see this was kind of a long exposure (25 sec). I wanted to use available light, low ISO and I also wanted to get the “star” effect on those street lamps leading into the two lights emanating from ground zero.

For fellow photographers in NY please share your photographs of that night (9/11/10)! Thanks again for visiting and see you on the next update. Thanks and please leave comments, questions and suggestions.

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