Top: Nikon D700 70mm, 1/3 Sec at f/29, ISO 200, Singh Ray Reverse ND Grad 3 Stop Bottom: Nikon D700 32mm, 8 Sec at F/16, ISO 1250

It was sweltering hot this past few weeks in NYC  and there was a day that was kind of pleasant so I decided to take my camera and shoot.  I have been to Highline Park in NYC’s Chelsea area more than a few times now and I have an idea of what I wanted to shoot.

I have seen this view (top photo) of Pier 54 many times and photographed it during the day but I think this one had the most impact.  The sun was about to set and the colors was just amazing.  I wanted to use the structure for some type of framing but I think this one worked out ok.

For the second picture I wanted to focus on the actual park.  The park was very beautiful, the flowers were in full bloom, lush greenery and lots of people enjoying the the cool breeze from the Hudson.  I also wanted to try the high ISO on the camera, I heard all the rave about the ISO capabilities of the camera and I wanted to try it out for myself.  I’m very happy with it and I think the picture came out great.

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