HDR Manhattanhenge Triptych

Hi there!  I took a lot of photos during the Manhattanhendge event and i thought making a triptych is good way to show several photos at the same time.  In this series you can see the sun cross 42nd Street in NYC.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “HDR Manhattanhenge Triptych

  1. Hi Gerry,
    Read about this phenomenon but never have seen it in real. Looks fantastic. I believe it is only once a year, isn’t it? And than the weather has to be good of course.
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Magda,
    It actually happens twice a year…this year it was in May and then in July. I was only able to photograph the July or the second time. But if your around you should try to it, I met a lot of interesting photographers who’s doing a lot of different but great stuff.


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