Bar Harbor, ME and Mt Washington, NH

Panasonic LX3 0.8 Sec at f/8, 5.1mm, ISO400
Nikon D80, 1/1250 Sec at f/4.2, 38mm, ISO 100, 3 Stop Reverse ND Grad filter
Nikon D80, 1/400 sec at f/4.2 34mm, ISO 100, 3 Stop Reverse ND Grad filter

I went on a camping trip to Acadia National Park last May, it was also my first time in Mount Desert Island (MDI). I had a wonderful time, I woke up at the crack of dawn every morning to photograph and late returning to the camp site which was difficult because the campsite had no electricity therefore it was dark, difficult to get around.  Overall I just had an awesome time there, the camp site wasn’t crowded, the trails were not crowded, although some of the trail were close still, and the weather was just beautiful.

The first picture was taken on our third night at MDI. It was shot with a Panasonic LX3, a point and shoot camera. It had been raining all day and just after sunset the rain finally stopped and we were walking around downtown Bar Harbor and we saw this harbor at the end of the road and decided to check it out. At the end of the road was Bar Harbor Inn. It was a beautiful night, the sky started to clear and just look at the blue sky that night. Even though that morning was a total washout because of the rain the evening still turned out spectacular. The lesson I learned here was, always have a camera handy even when you think the day was going to be a total washout.

On the way home from Maine, we stopped by to see a friend in Bartlett, New Hampshire. He drove us around Mount Washington and on the other side of the mountain there was this castle like hotel called Mount Washington Hotel and Resort. It was another beautiful day to photograph, there were lots of cloud and the blue skies. If you look closer at Mount Washington peaks, there were still snow up there and our friend said that there were still people skiing at that time. The last photo was taken from the back balcony of Mount Washington Hotel. This was the back yard of the hotel, what a awe inspiring back yard. I like this photo because the stream or river on the foreground leads the viewer into Mount Washington, the blue skies and those puffy clouds.

I had a wonderful time in this trip and awesome time photographing. I hope you like the photo as much as I love creating it. Please email me and/or leave comments, question, suggestions and constructive photo critique as usual.


Sunset at Mount Desert Island

Nikon D80, 1/30 sec at F/8, 70mm, ISO 400, Singh-Ray 3 Step Reverse ND Grad

Now lets revisit Acadia National Park. This was our third day of camping at MDI and this was taken at the top of Cadillac Mountain at sunset. It was an amazing day, we hiked the Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail which started from Blackwood campground, where we were camping, up to the top of Cadillac Mountain. It was about 6 to 7 mile hike round trip. The trail was just awesome, we were hiking at the ridge of the mountain and the views from the trail was just breath taking. One of many good things about Cadillac Mountain was you can hike up to the top or you can drive. After a full day of hiking I went back at sunset to take some photograph. The color of sky was just amazing that whole day. It had been raining the day before and I was so happy to have this wonderful day and the sunset did not disappoint. As you can see from the photo the sky was like a painter’s palette so colorful and beautiful. I did not have to do much post processing on this photo just white balance adjustment and a little bit of tone adjustment. It was just a perfect sunset. I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I did photographing it. Please leave or send comments questions.


Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Nikon D80, 1/2 sec at f/11, 56mm, ISO 200

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

This was our 4th day at Mount Desert Island and we had moved on to a motel from camping. What a relief! LOL. Bass Harbor Lighthouse was a little difficult to shot because first you have to find a good position among huge uneven boulders, second I had to carry all my equipment to the location and third it was dawn therefore it was getting dark. There was a short trail leading to this area but to get this shot I had to move closer to the water on to huge rocks. I was looking forward to shooting this lighthouse cause it’s the only lighthouse on the island and it’s also my first time photographing a working lighthouse. I had fun shooting this photo and I hope you guys like it. Happy viewing! As always please leave comments/questions.


Acadia National Park: Jordan Pond

Ulmix LX-3, 1/2000 sec at F/2.0, 5.1mm, ISO100
Jordan Pond

I was amazed at the colors of this photograph. This was our last day of camping at Acadia National Park. This photo was taken at Jordan Pond while hiking around the perimeter of the pond. It was nice bright sunny day and I was amazed at how blue the sky was. I like the sweeping subtle cloud around the mountain and also how the blue sky reflected off the water. Enjoy and please leave questions/comments.


Acadia National Park: Sand Beach

Nikon D80, 48mm,1/250 sec at f/4.5, ISO 200

This was my first time visiting Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park. This photo was taken on our first day at Acadia National Park, it was a nice sunny and cool day. We were on a hiking trail called The Ocean Trail and the picture was of Sand Beach. This beach was interesting cause you see a lot of people on the beach but no one really goes for a swim in the water because the water is cold (<60F even in the summer time). I’m still in Maine and taking lots of photo to share with you. Remember this photo was just the first day of the trip, so watch out for more updates. Please leave comments and suggestions.