You will see my favorite photos, the background of the photo, and a little bit of personal comment on the photo.

Sleepy Hollow

Nikon D80, 1/1000Sec, f/1.8, ISO 800, 50 MM

I’m taking a break from Acadia National Park photographs and I’m going back several months for this photo. We were around Sleepy Hollow during Halloween last year and decided to walk around the famous Sleepy Hollow cemetery. It was a beautiful cemetery, the trails in and around the cemetery was just visually amazing. The color of the trees were still changing and the elaborate mausoleums were just fantastic. The few notable people that we saw at cemetery ranged from Walter Chrysler, commissioned the Chrysler Building and founded the Chrysler Corporation, to Leona Helmsley, who bequeathed $12 million to her dog. The Helmsley mausoleum was specially memorable because it had a stained-glass panorama of the Manhattan skyline. I had a great time photographing the cemetery, with this photo I love the different color of the trees, the dried leaves on the ground, the S shape curve of the road and the row of headstones on the right side of the picture. I specially like this picture because if you don’t look hard enough you can’t tell that it’s a cemetery. Well I hope you like it as much as I do. Please leave comments and questions. Have a great week.


Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Nikon D80, 1/2 sec at f/11, 56mm, ISO 200

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

This was our 4th day at Mount Desert Island and we had moved on to a motel from camping. What a relief! LOL. Bass Harbor Lighthouse was a little difficult to shot because first you have to find a good position among huge uneven boulders, second I had to carry all my equipment to the location and third it was dawn therefore it was getting dark. There was a short trail leading to this area but to get this shot I had to move closer to the water on to huge rocks. I was looking forward to shooting this lighthouse cause it’s the only lighthouse on the island and it’s also my first time photographing a working lighthouse. I had fun shooting this photo and I hope you guys like it. Happy viewing! As always please leave comments/questions.


Acadia National Park: Jordan Pond

Ulmix LX-3, 1/2000 sec at F/2.0, 5.1mm, ISO100
Jordan Pond

I was amazed at the colors of this photograph. This was our last day of camping at Acadia National Park. This photo was taken at Jordan Pond while hiking around the perimeter of the pond. It was nice bright sunny day and I was amazed at how blue the sky was. I like the sweeping subtle cloud around the mountain and also how the blue sky reflected off the water. Enjoy and please leave questions/comments.


Acadia National Park: Sand Beach

Nikon D80, 48mm,1/250 sec at f/4.5, ISO 200

This was my first time visiting Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park. This photo was taken on our first day at Acadia National Park, it was a nice sunny and cool day. We were on a hiking trail called The Ocean Trail and the picture was of Sand Beach. This beach was interesting cause you see a lot of people on the beach but no one really goes for a swim in the water because the water is cold (<60F even in the summer time). I’m still in Maine and taking lots of photo to share with you. Remember this photo was just the first day of the trip, so watch out for more updates. Please leave comments and suggestions.



Nikon D80, 50mm, 1/1600 sec at f/1.8, ISO 200

I shot this photograph while I was visiting my parents this past winter. This was my first time photographing the city of Atlanta. It’s a great city surrounded by quaint little neighborhoods. We were walking around Piedmont Park during a cloudy grey day and all of a sudden the color of the sky turned to this bright orange just before sunset. I just had to take a photo. I didn’t have my tripod so I was trying to figure out a way to stabilize my camera. I tried different settings and from a bunch of shots this was the best one. I don’t have vibration reduction on my 50mm lens, however I learned a technique from a workshop at B&H to rest your right elbow on to your rib/stomach area while holding the camera, then exhale and press the shutter. I took this photo with a 50mm prime lens because I was experimenting with just using one focal length for the whole day. It’s interesting experiment because you really have to move around your subject since there was no zoom, use different angles, different perspective and it really ignited my creativity. This lens was amazing, very crisp, and very fast. Near by Piedmont Park was this neighborhood called Virginia Highland. It’s nice neighborhood full of young and hip folks with a large variety of shops, restaurants and a active nightlife. I hope you like the photograph as much as I enjoyed making it. Happy viewing! As always please leave questions and comments.


Spring at The High Line

I went for a walk at the High Line this week after a workshop at the Apple store. My DSLR is currently being serviced so I have my little Lumix LX-3 which is a great little camera that shoots RAW pictures. It was a sunny but chilly day, a great day to fly a kite. The High Line was full of spring flowers and people having lunch and just enjoying the nice chilly spring day. Hope you enjoy the pics. Let me know what you think of the pictures. Have a good one.


Service Pups

Nikon D80, 42mm, 1/500 sec at f/4.8, ISO 800

I don’t usually shoot photos with people or animals. But I just love this picture. I volunteer for Puppies Behind Bars, which trains drug and bomb detection dogs and psychological service dogs for veterans with PTSD. The amazing part of this program is that the dogs are trained and raised in prison. Dogs are matched with a prisoner who raises them for 12-18 months As a result of the hands-on training, these dogs are very well behaved, trusting and very sweet. On weekends, volunteers, like me, socialize the dogs by taking them around the city. They have service jackets, so they can go places other dogs can’t, like museum, buses and stores. Annabel, the dog in the picture is a 6 month old black lab. The volunteer and the pup were walking around the Time Warner Center and Annabel is curious, but reserved. This photo captures how focused the volunteer and Annabel are on each other. I love this picture because it shows the bond between the pup and the volunteer.

I hope you like the picture as much as I do. Please leave me comments and/or questions.


Hi World!

Nikon D80, 50mm, 1/80 sec at f/1.8, ISO 200

Hi everyone! For my very first photo for my very first photography blog posting, I chose this photo I called “Olive Boat.” I picked this photo for my first blog posting because I wanted to start from the beginning. “Olive Boat” reminds me of the time, place, and the feeling of being in a new neighborhood, new friends and a new chapter in my life. This photo was taken in June 2009. It was the first dinner at our friends and neighbor Alex and Amy. They have a wonderful home and a great patio where this photo was taken. I took this photo during dinner while we were gathered around the table munching on some olives. I love this photo because it reminds me of our friends Amy and Alex (who lives in Michigan now) and the feeling/sense of friendship and community. To give you a little bit of a background we just moved in to a new building in Harlem and this was one of the first gathering we had in the new neighborhood. I love the way the photo came out. I like that only 1 or 2 olives are in focus and the rest of the picture are sort of blurred or out of focus. I love the way the color of the olive boat compliments the green olives. I am amazed at the detail I was able to get out of the wooden table. The light of the picture I thought was great, this was taken late afternoon close to sunset. I had some dirt on my sensor and had to do some spot removal on the photo but besides that I did not develop/edit the photo in any major way. I hope you like/enjoy the photo as much I do. Stay tune for the the next photo coming soon!!!